Sinus Lift in Portland, OR

Sinus Lift in Portland, OR

Some people would wish to have dental implants but don't have enough bone support for the implants because of bone loss. The volume of bone in the upper jaw can be increased by adding bone to the space between the molars and premolars. A Sinus Lift surgery can help in achieving this additional bone enhancement. In order to create space for the bone, the sinus membrane has to be moved upward or lifted.

What is the need for a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift refers to the augmentation or lifting of the maxillary sinus to make more space for new bone. The maxillary sinuses are air-filled fissures that are found just above the back portion of the maxilla or upper jaw. More bone is available for a doctor to place a dental implant by lifting the sinus and grafting bone. If there isn't enough upper jaw bone, the implant cannot be properly attached, and as a result, cannot be as strong as a natural tooth.

The dental implant won't correctly secure and can fail without enough bone. Some of the causes why you may have experienced bone loss in the jaw include:

  • congenital disabilities
  • cancer
  • natural variation, where your sinus cavities are huge or jawbone very thin
  • periodontal disease
  • Also, if you have experienced tooth loss, your jawbone may start to get thinner over time.

What is the procedure involved in a Sinus Lift?

A Sinus Lift may be performed based on a variety of factors such as how much bone is currently available in your jaw, what type of bone graft the doctor is making use of, and the viable approach for dental implant placement later date. 

The Sinus Lift surgery begins with the oral surgeon numbing the area to be operated on with local anesthesia to keep you calm and comfortable during the procedure. The surgeon will ascertain and make incisions into the back portion of your gum tissue in order to expose the bone. A small area of the bone is cut, taking care to avoid the sinus membranes. The cut portion of the bone is then lifted up into the sinus cavity, thus raising the membrane. Bone graft materials will be applied in the newly lifted area. The doctor will close the incision in your gums by suturing them up. As a follow-up to the procedure, the doctor will give you instructions to guide your recovery.

Most patients experience slight swelling and bleeding but only minimal discomfort after the sinus lift procedure. An essential part of recovery is to keep the bone graft in position, and hence it becomes crucial to avoid blowing your nose or sneezing. Doing either of these things could cause the bone-graft material to move and loosen the stitches.

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