Restorative Dentistry in Portland, OR

Restorative Dentistry in Portland, OR

Restorative dentistry consists of dental procedures that help relieve pain and reinstate comfort for many people facing severe dental issues. Anyone who has undergone the experience can affirm that it is a terrible ordeal to deal with painful gums or rotten teeth. Moreover, it can also be a challenge keeping that smiles on your face because your oral health is not in good shape.

But the best part is a dentist can help you with such problems through restorative dentistry processes so that you can once again enjoy your smile and speak with confidence.

The acceptance of restorative dental procedures is growing, thanks to their ability to imitate your teeth' natural look with custom-made restorations such as veneers, dental bridges, fillings, or dental crowns. And consequently, your regular functions will also be restored, and you will again be able to speak and eat with ease.

What are the different types of Restorative Appliances?

  • Crowns:It is a type of tooth-shaped restoration cap that is placed over a treated tooth. It is helpful in strengthening and protecting your tooth structure. This procedure involves the dentist preparing the tooth, taking an impression, and the crown is finally made in a lab by a technician.
  • Bridges:A dental bridge is regularly used to "bridge" the gap in place of the missing teeth. A bridge comprises a crown on each end for support, with an artificial tooth connecting the crowns and filling the space. A bridge can prevent the shifting of your teeth from their original place. They work just like your natural teeth once it is fixed.
  • Dental Implants: They are used to substitute the missing teeth. An implant comprises two parts: a metal anchor and an artificial tooth, similar to a crown. A dental implant looks and functions identically to a natural tooth.

What are the benefits of Restorative Dentistry?

  1. One of the main benefits of restorative dentistry is that it allows your dentist to treat multiple dental problems simultaneously. The dentist will examine your mouth and conclude what problems you have and then devise a plan that will treat your concerns and, if required, start the restorative process. This may include dental fillings, root canals, or even pulling your teeth. These procedures may need a restorative device like dental bridges, dental crowns, dental implants, inlays, and onlays, or complete full-mouth restoration.
  2. Restorative dentistry can help restore your mouth's function so that you can chew, speak, and smile normally. By reinstating your mouth's function, it enables you to eat a balanced diet without avoiding certain foods like you would in case of missing teeth.
  3. A mouth filled with decayed or missing teeth can make a severe dent in your self-confidence. One of the other vital benefits of restorative dentistry is getting back your lost confidence. 
  4. Another advantage of restorative dentistry includes avoiding the need for extraction. For instance, with the help of a simple root canal and dental crown, you can put off an extraction. 
  5. Dental restoration processes generally make use of ceramic or porcelain crowns, which are strong and long-lasting. This is an excellent alternative for senior citizens as dental implants also help in strengthening the jawbone.

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