Dentures in Portland, OR

Dentures in Portland, OR

Dentures or artificial teeth are removable and custom-made substitutes that help to restore your smile. People who lose teeth would find their facial muscles drooping, but when dentures are used, it allows them to regain the face's former appearance.

Due to the latest advancements in dental technology, there has been a lot of improvement in how dentures are prepared. During the olden days, dentures used to have an unnatural look. But the modern dentures are as natural-looking as your teeth, and it is pretty tricky to make out if a person is using dentures. People lose teeth due to various reasons and most often because of tooth decay. When this happens, the dentist recommends using dentures after removing all the teeth as the decayed teeth can cause further damage and inflammation in the gums. 

How are the Dentures made?

Dentures are prosthetics made by dentists and require special proficiency. It takes a good couple of weeks for the dentures to be fabricated. Typically this is done after the dentist carries out a dental examination to understand the oral health region thoroughly. A series of tests are conducted to determine which type of dentures will be suitable for the patient.

The dentists would then capture impressions and jaw measurements to ensure that the dentures are a good fit for the user. In order to take the impressions, standard materials are used. First, a very basic impression is taken, and with the help of these details, an accurate replica of the jaws is created. Importance is also given to make sure that a perfect fit is made for the patient. The fabrication of a denture is a very detailed and complicated process, and hence it would take some time before they are ready.

What are the different Dentures types available?

  • Traditional full dentures:  These types of dentures are generally used when all the teeth have been extracted and can be used for the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both jaws. The full dentures are fixed in place after the healing of the gum tissues, and the entire process may take up to 2 months or more, depending on how fast the tissues heal. 
  • Immediate full dentures: These dentures also help replace the complete set of teeth. Unlike conventional full dentures, they are fixed immediately after the teeth are removed. These types of dentures are fabricated even before the extraction of the teeth during prior visits. The advantage of this denture over the conventional full denture is that one is not without teeth, even for a short duration. Once the gums heal, the dentures will necessitate more adjustment.
  • Partial dentures:This type of dentures is used when one or more permanent teeth are remaining in the mouth, and they help maintain the position of the teeth. The partial dentures consist of the denture teeth attached to an acrylic base plate. As a result, they provide good stability and control due to the denture fitting snugly and tightly against the natural teeth and gums and the use of wrought metal retainers to hold the teeth. 
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