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At Dr. Wayne H. Mori DMD, we understand the importance of good oral health in kids. That is why we offer pediatric dentistry services at our Beaumont, TX dental office. Schedule your children’s routine checkups and cleanings with us. These preventive appointments give our dentists the chance to catch any issues early, before they turn into painful and expensive problems.

Pediatric Dentistry Services In Beaumont

At Dr. Wayne H. Mori DMD, we offer pediatric dentistry services to help your child achieve and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. In addition to regular dental checkups and tooth cleanings, we also offer preventative dental treatments like dental sealants and fluoride treatments to children to help them prevent tooth decay and cavities. Dental sealants are plastic coatings painted on the chewing surface of your child’s back teeth. The sealants fill in the grooves of the teeth, preventing cavity-causing bacteria from settling in the grooves.

Fluoride treatments help children’s teeth resist decay. Fluoride is a mineral that helps harden the enamel in children’s teeth, protecting them from tooth decay. Dr. Wayne H. Mori, DMD, recommends fluoride treatments for children between the ages of 6 months and 16 years old.

Dr. Wayne H. Mori also offers sedation dentistry services to help put children at ease. Sedation dentistry involves the use of safe medications to help your child relax during his or her procedure. Your pediatric dentist can also offer nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, for children who are apprehensive about dental treatments.

Pediatric dental services at Dr. Wayne H Mori offer comprehensive treatment for your children. This includes preventative care, advanced diagnostics, and more involved treatment. Your child’s oral health is important, and we offer treatment that keeps them healthy.

Looking for the best pediatric dentist in Beaumont? Call Wayne H Mori Dental at (503) 230-8814, schedule an online appointment, or visit our dental office located at 700 NE Multnomah, St Suite 850, Portland, OR 97232.

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