Applications and Benefits of 3D Imaging

Applications and Benefits of 3D Imaging

Posted by WAYNE H. MORI on Oct 22 2021, 05:04 AM

It is essential to know what technology your dentist uses before going for a checkup for you and your family. The latest technology, like 3D imaging, offers multiple benefits to the patients. In this blog, we have assembled all the information you need in terms of the application and benefits of this latest technology.

What is 3D Imaging?

Dental clinics always make us think about bright lights, toothbrushes, drills, and several other types of equipment. However, with advanced technology, dentists have started using a cone-beam computed tomography machine, known as the CBCT technology.

3D imaging creates a 3D image of the mouth and skull and is widely recognized as an advancement in dental care. It has been most used in the diagnostic process. The mouth’s three-dimensional image helps the dentist formulate a better and more effective approach for treatment planning.

Application of 3D Imaging

In earlier times, dentists took X-ray images of the mouth which did not provide a detailed representation of the teeth and revealed only hard tissues. Hence, cone beam 3D imaging technology is used. It gives a detailed image of the craniofacial structure and connective tissues. If your dentist is recommending dental treatment, this technology provides more accurate and comprehensive diagnoses for the procedure. 

Undergoing this 3D imaging process is painless and can be done in just a few minutes. The dentist will ask you to either stand or sit in a chair. Then they mount the cone beam CT scanner on your arm and make it rotate around your head. You will also be asked to place your chin on a platform, and then the scanner is placed properly as per your convenience. You have to stay still during the scanning process. 

Benefits of 3D Imaging

The benefits provided by 3D Imaging include:

  • It can scan the problem more thoroughly than a 2D imager could. It results in a more accurate diagnosis of the problem immediately.
  • 3D imaging has minimal radiation, thereby making it less harmful for people.
  • 3D imaging can scan the whole head without you needing to do anything, unlike traditional scanning that requires you to bite down on a mold or piece of plastic.
  • It takes only 10 seconds to complete the scanning process, enabling the dentist to immediately solve the problem.

This evolving technology has made everything easier and immediate for both the dentist and the patients with minimal risk involved.

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